Okay, lets get to it. PM Cleansers.

I will be honest. Before I came to Dubai my skin was pretty much normal. Because of that, I never looked into skincare with much detail. Before a photoshoot I would put on a facemask and a conditioning treatment on my hair and felt I had made quite the effort.

I actually ‘cleansed’ with face wipes. Oh goodness me – hanging my head in shame. Too embarrassed to look at the screen*

It is true. I would swipe off my make up with a good old Simple face wipe and then use another to make sure I had taken away everything. I would then slap on some moisturiser and that was my whole routine done. No toner, nothing! Cringing*

Only when I headed to the desert did it change. And the only reason it changed was because it had to. I turned into a spotty teenager. My skin was oily and out of control. This hadn’t even happened to me when I was a teenager.

I did all the research. I looked into everything. Was it the water? Was it the sandy air? Was it the humidity? Was it the AC?

All of the above, and more.

In my desperate and lowest moment, I stumbled across Caroline Hirons and her marvellous blog. For about 2 solid weeks I would do nothing but read this during my evenings. Safe to say I drove my partner insane, but I was obsessed. I had to know everything I could about how I could get my skin back to how it was.

I decided to adopt as much of her method as I could. This meant I needed to go out and buy a whole bunch of things that I didn’t even know if they would actually work. I was taking a huge leap of faith. After the big move to Dubai we were low on funds and me buying loads of stuff to swipe all over my face just felt wrong. So I started small.

Caroline recommends a Balm cleanser to remove your make up and then  something like a clay, gel, milk… to actually cleanse the face. I looked into the ones CH recommended and decided to trial the cheaper balm on her list that I could get my hands on in Dubai. That was this

photo 5

CLINIQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF. I had read that it wasn’t going to be one of those luxurious, amazing smelling cleansers. But that it would get rid of all of my makeup, not give me a reaction and leave my skin feeling lovely. I rubbed it into my dry face of makeup and massaged it in. My mascara came off easily and didn’t sting or irritate my eyes at all. I then took a warm, wet flannel and washed it all off.

I then followed it with


CLARINS GENTLE FOAMING CLEANSER. I would rub this gently into my skin and remove with the other side of my flannel.

This combination of cleansers did help a little. But nothing dramatic happened for me, and that really is what I was wanting. So I got to the end of my Clarins tub, used every little last bit of it. The container was spotless inside after I had finished with it. I then placed an order from Bath & Unwind for

photo 6

EMMA HARDIE AMAZING FACE MORINGA CLEANSING BALM. This was exactly as I had read. It smells dreamy and feels divine on the skin. It is like the trusty Clinique but on steroids. I thoroughly enjoyed removing my make up with this! After a short while of using this, my skin started to have a lovely glow to it, but it wasn’t clearing up the spots that were there, and I had a rather vile group of cystic spots on my jaw line that would not disappear.

Once again, I got to the end of my pot. I scraped it clean and felt incredibly sad when it came to an end. But, I had done my research and already had my next plan in place. I had decided to try coconut oil to remove my make up. I was already using it for my hair and so figured, it wouldn’t hurt to give it ago. Worst case, I could go and get my trusty Clinique from Dubai Mall if my face reacted badly to it.

The one I use is this


It doesn’t come in a pretty jar. But it is Virgin Coconut Oil, cold pressed from selected fresh organic coconuts, 100% raw and naturally farmed. I treated it the same way as the balms, rubbing it into my dry face full of make up and taking it over my eyes. I washed it off with a flannel. I made sure I removed it all as I didn’t want any residue left over.

This really did leave my face feeling soft, supple and bright. After a few days my skin started to calm down. It was actually helping my spots. Bonus!!!!

My Clarins cleanser ran out and so I decided to use an old favourite for my second cleans.

Lush Charcol

LUSH COAL FACE. This was something I dabbled with a few years ago but didn’t take seriously. I remembered that it didn’t break me out at all, so decided to try it once more.

Now then, the coconut oil teamed with the coal face has been an absolute life saver. Genuinely. I adore what it is doing to my skin. Together they have helped with break outs, reducing them incredibly. I will most definitely begin to mix it up again and bring in the Emma Hardie and Clinique. Emma Hardie is so hard to get my hands on here and delivery was soooo slow using Bath & Unwind, even though I paid extra for it to be speedy. But the next time I visit home, I will place an order for it. Coconut oil will forever be in my routine, but I may use the others once or twice a week. I did really like them!

Tomorrow I will talk about my AM cleaners and Exfoliators !!

Have you used any of the above? How did you find them?

Clinique Take the Day Off can be bought pretty much anywhere that has a Clinique counter. I bought mine in Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm can be bought using http://www.bathandunwind.com/ Just make sure you leave a few weeks for delivery when ordering internationally like me!

Coconut oil can be bought in most health food stores, organic food stores or some good supermarkets! In Dubai, you can get it at the Organic Store.

Lush Coal Face can be picked up at any Lush store!

About amodelintheknow

I am 28 year old ex model from the UK, living in Dubai. I would like to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related. I would love for your thoughts and opinions too !!
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2 Responses to Okay, lets get to it. PM Cleansers.

  1. tattoogirl says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the Clinique Balm for ages, but never purchased. I have also been reading great things about coconut oil. I think I would use it on the ends of my hair, since they;re bleached after I went Ombre. Great post!


    • Hi Suzy!
      The Clinique Balm really is lovely!! Didn’t break m out at all and was a wonderful first balm purchase for me.
      The coconut oil has been a miracle worker for my skin and hair! I started by using it as a weekend hair mask. Then I began using it as a serum on extra humid days. I now also use it as a balm to remove my make up and as a moisturiser on my body. It seriously is amazing and so cheap too !!
      Thanks for stopping by ❤


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