The most incredible bespoke gifts

Being an expat can be really hard sometimes. You miss out on many of the milestones your family and friends go through. Birthdays, weddings, births, christenings, Christmas, graduations… It can be quite tricky to remember all of the important dates when you are not close by, and if you do remember, it can be challenging to get a nice gift, delivered, in one piece.

But then, you don’t just need to be an expat to struggle with this. Sometimes, the ‘perfect’ gift is so darn hard to find!

I started out buying here and shipping to the UK. This proved incredibly stressful and pricey. Sometimes the shipping was more than the gifts themselves. And on occasion, they didn’t even arrive!

I then saw that my lovely friend has started making handmade, bespoke gifts. I browsed through her page on facebook and quickly realised this was going to be my saviour. And it has!

I started off by ordering a few things I had seen on her page. Then I asked if she could look at doing a few things for me that she hadn’t done before. I had some ideas!! Hayley, somehow, managed to turn my crazy emails into amazing gifts. I sent her countless emails with all of my ideas and she got to work. What she produced was absolutely perfect. Exactly what I had in my mind! It was amazing.

So far I have used Hayley and her business ‘Mi Amor’ to send gifts to all of my family and friends in the UK. Every occasion this year, Hayley has been my go-to!

Hayley wraps all of her creations beautifully, all have that completely personal feeling with a touch of ‘handmade’.

She has been my absolute angel! I love how simple it is to give her my ideas and watch them come to life! I would highly recommend you check out Hayley and browse through her wonderful creations on her page.

Here are a few of the lovely gifts Hayley has done for me:

Fairy necklaces with fairy dust.

10344975_10154151269030285_1636740245_n 10331777_10154151269040285_198941111_n

Christening photo frame


Hospital survival kit 


Birthday gift for my mum and fathers day gift


10455998_795897453794525_1060009924231716965_n  10487498_806595702724700_3829346140834237449_n

Christening gift


Birthday hamper


Birthday gift

20140830_142346_resized (2) 20140830_143434_resized (2)

Birthday gifts


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