My Current Favourite Facemasks!

I love facemasks ! Absolutely love them.

No matter what time it is when I am doing my skincare routine. No matter how late I have gotten in. I will do a 15 minute facemask.

I currently have 3 on rotation so I will share them with you. They suit my skin type, which is combination / oily.


LUSH DARK ANGELS. You can use this as an exfoliating cleanser or as a mask. I only use it as a mask – the idea of scrubbing away a layer of my face just doesn’t feel right to me. I take a pinch of the crumbly black goodness into the palm of one hand and add a little water, mixing into a paste with my finger. I then apply it to dry, cleansed skin and leave it to dry. It stays on my face for about 25 minutes. I then wash it off with a flannel. My skin feels absolutely wonderful after using this!! Highly recommend. Stored on my bathroom shelf.


LUSH CUPCAKE. Yummy yummy yummy. This is my favourite. It may be the fact that I just want to lick it off my face. Or it may be because what it does to my skin is just wonderful. Either way, I love it.  I apply this fresh mask onto dry, freshly cleansed skin and leave it for 15 minutes. I must admit, I have been known to leave this on for over half an hour as I simply cannot get enough of the smell. Stored, in the fridge.

995078_10152312586573067_3829689166546660697_n Love-Lettuce-Fresh-Face-Mask-1-300x255

LUSH LOVE LETTUCE. This feels lovely and fresh on the skin. It doesn’t have the same impact as the Cupcake mask, but I do still massively love what it does to my face. My skin feels lovely and soft after using this and so I will keep repurchasing. I also love that it makes me look like something from Wicked ! hahaha. Store this one in the fridge. It is fresh after all!

I will of course let you know of any others I try and love. In the meantime, are there any you recommend?

All of the above can be bought in any lush store. They do not ship their fresh facemasks though!


About amodelintheknow

I am 28 year old ex model from the UK, living in Dubai. I would like to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related. I would love for your thoughts and opinions too !!
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