Review: Cook-a-Box!!

When I saw the concept Cook-a-box Dubai had, I was immediately excited. You can choose from a selection of completely delicious meals. They then deliver to you, fresh that day, all of the ingredients and step by step instructions to allow you to make that dish at home. How awesome is that!! All those times I have looked at a recipe and seen that I need to buy a ton of ingredients I will likely never use again, so instead, made something else. Well that problem is solved. Cook-a-box provide you with just the right amount of each ingredient. No wastage!

I was told my box would arrive between 5-5:30pm. At 5.05pm I had a call from a lovely man telling me he was here! Excitedly, I went to greet him. He was stood, smiling and happy, with my box. He told me there was nothing I needed to know, it was all inside!

photo 31

I opened the box and couldn’t help but think how well they had packaged and stored everything. Each ingredient in its own bag/container. Labelled clearly. Neat and tidy.

photo 33 photo 34

We were having Chinese Crispy Beef for dinner… and I was SO excited!! Everything looked fresh, vibrant and delicious!

The box came with a very detailed instruction card. It breaks every step down into a very simple, fool proof manner. Brilliant! I also loved that it was waterproof! Cooking can get messy sometimes, but this will wipe clean so I can keep it and use it again and again!

photo 35 photo 18

I began pulling out the ingredients and preparing them.

photo 26 photo 30 photo 21 photo 23 photo 24

We had a very well sealed packet of Beef strips. Then a spring onion, orange, cucumber, lettuce, soy sauce, white vinegar, sweet chilli and corn-starch.

I followed the instruction card step by step. I loved how clear and easy it was.

photo 19 photo 11 photo 12 photo 13 photo 14 photo 15 photo 7 photo 6

After chopping the lettuce and cucumber, I tossed through the white vinegar. I then set aside the chopped spring onion and orange zest.

2/3 of the corn-starch was then massaged into the beef with the remaining sprinkled on top.

I then added the sweet chilli, soy sauce and juice of the orange to a small pan and set that aside for later.

Two cups of oil then got added to my skillet. I then fried off the beef strips in two batches. Once cooked, I set it aside.

Then the sauce was heated through and thickened. The beef was added to the sauce and tossed through.

I sat the beef on top of the already prepared salad. Then I sprinkled the spring onion and orange zest on top.


The meat look glossy, sticky and completely gorgeous. The salad looked vibrant, fresh and crispy. The smell in the kitchen was absolutely divine!

It tasted oh-so-good. Fruity, tangy yet spicy. Fresh, crispy and juicy. It went down a treat. The only talking was to say how delicious it was, and what a brilliant concept Cook-a-box had.

3 4

The entire experience received a massive thumbs up from us. Right from delivery, the experience was wonderful. They really do think of everything… they even provided a pair of gloves to stop us from getting messy hands when massaging the beef… Awesome!

It was clear plates all round, the food really was delicious!

We have already decided to do this again! We love the idea of making things we wouldn’t normally make, due to being too scared at attempting that type of cuisine, or not wanting to buy the long list of ingredients… this eliminates all of those issues.

This would also be a fabulous way of cooking for friends. If you want to try something different, it makes it difficult to mess it up!

The selection of meals is great and very well priced. Check them out !!

You really will not be disappointed! It is really good restaurant quality food, at home, made by you, without any fuss at all!

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I am 28 year old ex model from the UK, living in Dubai. I would like to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related. I would love for your thoughts and opinions too !!
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