A Lush Obsession!

There is little that Lush can do wrong for me in all honesty. My only real gripe is that some of the lovely things I add to my bath can leave me giving my bath a full clean immediately afterwards. Not what you always want after having a relaxing bath. But not all of their bath goodies cause that and the ones that do, are usually pretty worth it!

I recently picked up a couple of things from the store in Dubai Mall. Trust me, this post is to be continued… As I saw so many amazing things that I just simply need to have! But for now, here are the few things I did get:


First up is the REINDEER ROCK. This smells so divine I almost don’t want to use it. The reindeer detail is very sweet. Apparently this one is calming, toning and comforting. Everything you need on the run up to Christmas!!


Then there are the Bath-bombs and Melts: LUXURY LUSH PUD looks very exciting. I love the multi-coloured polka-dots and familiar scent. It smells identical to Twilight, the year round bath-bomb. I cannot wait to take a bath with this. BUTTERBALL is an old favourite of mine. I can go as far as saying it is my all time favourite Lush bath-bomb. My skin feels incredible after soaking in a tub with this, and the smell is subtle and scrumptious. SPARKLY PUMPKIN is a bubble bar that looks spectacular. With a citrus kick and a beautiful gold glitter, it stood out the most to me. I did ask if the glitter will be all over me and the bath, but was assured that it should ,mostly disintegrate in the water. Phew.


Then there is the beautiful moisturising SNOW ANGEL. It looks so humble against all of the other stand out pieces int he Lush stores these days, but my goodness, it smells AMAZING! Honestly, I found myself constantly sniffing my hands after using it. I rub it all over my body after taking a shower and feel like a walking starburst!!

IMG_2327 IMG_2329I also got the BAKED ALASKA and FAIRY RING soaps, but I chopped them and added them to my Lush Soap Mason Jar before I remembered to take a picture *stoooopid*

They both look and smell phenomenal though and I absolutely cannot wait to shower with them!! 😀

To be continued…

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

About amodelintheknow

I am 28 year old ex model from the UK, living in Dubai. I would like to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related. I would love for your thoughts and opinions too !!
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8 Responses to A Lush Obsession!

  1. addiejune says:

    Everyone is talking about these bath bombs right now. I need them!

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  2. mira65 says:

    Hi there. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congrats. Head over to toweararainbow.wordpress.com for more information.

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  3. I am addicted to bath stuff… Especially those bath bombs 🙂 you are making me want to go to the mall and get more!


  4. I’ve just done a Lush haul as well and am desperately trying not to place another order! They have so much good stuff at the moment! Enjoy your goodies 🙂 xxx


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