Vida – Hope2it: Review

Last Tuesday I went to the Hop2it evening at Vida Hotel, Downtown Dubai. I usually try to eat in through the week, but this sounded well worth a try.

Basically you enjoy a variety of hops, paired with amazing food sat in the hotels impressive lobby lounge, Stage 2.

IMG_2503 IMG_2506

As we didn’t want to drink alcohol, we were informed we could have our delicious food paired with mocktails instead… perfect!!


I asked if it was possible to have no seafood on my platter, and the staff very kindly made sure my request was well taken care of.

IMG_2484 IMG_2485 IMG_2486 IMG_2487 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2490 IMG_2493 IMG_2494 IMG_2497

The food genuinely is exquisite. We had the most beautiful selection of cheeses with homemade crackers and a jellied chutney. Battered pickles that surprised me so much, I could have easily eaten thirty of them. Lamb cooked to absolute perfection, with mash potato, pomegranate and a beautiful sauce. Chocolate and salted caramel dessert that I desperately want the recipe of. And to top it off, smoked nuts… I mean really… every box had been ticked.

Their wasnt anything more I could have wanted. Other than to eat it all over again.

The drinks were so yummy too!!! We enjoyed every part of our evening.


The atmosphere in the hotel was lovely. Incredibly relaxing yet uplifting with a real buzz to it. We could have sat relaxing all evening quite easily. A perfect way to wind down after a busy day at work!


What we loved the most about our evening at Vida, was the fine detail and care that was taken with every element. The food was exceptional the staff happily catered to your every need. We sat for ten minutes and had a wonderful overview from a manager, expalining all about the story and philosophy of the hotel. That in itself really helped to set the scene and tone whilst eating our fabulous platter.

The time taken from the team at Vida to create a wonderful experience for all visitors really does show. We are already talking about going back and taking friends and family with us. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


About amodelintheknow

I am 28 year old ex model from the UK, living in Dubai. I would like to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related. I would love for your thoughts and opinions too !!
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