Oily skin dilemma: update!

You all know by now that after moving to Dubai from the UK, by skin turned oily. It was always ‘normal’ and then out of nowhere, I was shiny and hideous by midday.

I followed a very strict skincare routine (thanks Caroline Hirons), I cut out any greasy foods, I bought products specifically for my new skin type… nothing worked.

I went to see a dermatologist and was informed that my skin was fine, it was a hormonal issue. I was then sent on my way. No help provided.

After my own personal research I saw that many people had this issue through being on the same contraceptive pill as me. I spoke to a professional and had my pill changed appropriately.

Two months on I am noticing no improvement. My face is still a shiny, vile mess by lunch! I try to avoid afternoon meetings, I loath doing anything straight from work unless I can go home and wash my face first. My skin is healthy, the dermo informed me I have no premature ageing, sun damage or anything… good news. I would give anything to go back a couple of years and have my old skin back though… ‘normal’ what a lovely bracket to be in!

Surely there is something I can do/take to fix it? Every cream, lotion and potion I have tried has done nothing to rid me of the lunchtime ‘glow’! Sigh*

Any recommendations are always eternally grateful!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

About amodelintheknow

I am 28 year old ex model from the UK, living in Dubai. I would like to share my experience, thoughts and opinions on all things beauty, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related. I would love for your thoughts and opinions too !!
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